Posted on Feb 12, 2019
Ms. Rima Boles, Director of the Niagara Pumphouse Art Center provided an overview of how NPAC is interested in making Summer Art Camps accessible to those who can't attend due to financial restrictions. NPAC is celebrating their 25th anniversary and they wish to celebrate this milestone by offering day art camps to disadvantaged children as a means to encourage budding artists through learning. 
Brian Crow provided the Invocation at the start of the meeting. 
Nadja Lepere provided a bit of hilarity when she commented that the chocolates she purchased in support of the Gift of Life campaign were very, very good resulting in her hips screaming "no, no, no" bringing to mind the adage what's good for the lips is bad for the hips! 
Nadja Lepere stated that the 2019 Ride for Roswell, which is sponsored by Rotary Club District 7090, was seeking 12 volunteers for this event.  
Niagara Pumphouse Art Centre (NPAC) - Presentation -  Summer Art Camps
John Boot introduced to the Club Ms. Rima Boles, Director of the Niagara Pumphouse Art Center. 
  • Rima stated that they are working with the Educational Foundation of Niagara soliciting the Foundation's expertise and assistance to add more sessions and this is a program that the Rotary Club would be supporting
  • she said that the Rotary Club's contribution could fund up to 30 children in need 
  • she also provided several testimonials in support of this program
Questions were taken from several members and Rima responded as summarized below:
  • NPAC has partnered with Sobey's and they will be providing snacks
  • the Summer Art Camp program will be supervised by 2 art instructors who will have to undergo routine police checks; the instructors are not required to have attained a formal art education
  • the cost of the program is $230 per week per child
  • last year's attendees consisted of 60 registered children who paid for themselves 
  • the Education Foundation of Niagara selected the children for the program
  • NPAC wishes to increase attendance by 40 additional students 
  • the Entrepreneur Program  did not generate as much interest as anticipated; that program is different from the Summer Art Camp program
  • only 10 students participated and their feedback was as follows:
    • they did enjoy the Entrepreneur Program in that they found it very organized;
    • however, they wanted to have instruction more related to visual arts; they wanted practical hands-on instruction
  • the Entrepreneur Program is not financially viable in its current structure
  • the Summer Art Camp program runs for 6 weeks from July to August
  • they have given no thought to date regarding transportation arrangements for those children who would require it; she suggested perhaps car pooling 
Rima suggested that the Rotary Club set aside half of their contribution specifically to the children's program. She stated that it is a proven successful program which has run for several years.
Ian McEwan presented Rima Boles with a certificate stating that a donation has been made on her behalf to the Rotary International End Polio Now program.
Meeting adjourned 1:25 p.m.