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Welcome to another issue of our weekly bulletin! Find out who our upcoming speakers are, what we covered during the last weekly meeting, and upcoming events and announcements.
Rotary Membership- Club Organization and Committee Participation, June 15 at noon
Our Rotary Membership meeting on June 15th at noon will elaborate on the many Avenues of Service in Rotary.
The membership committee will provide first hand reflections outlining the Club structure, leadership positions, and committees.
As a Service Club, all Rotarians are encouraged to attend regular meetings as well as be an active participant in club activities.  Activities include: participation in service projects, committee meetings, training events, planning sessions, community events, fundraising and fellowship activities.
You will have received an email last Friday June 11th, containing a Committee Participation request form.
We are seeking your feedback on your talents and skills.
In addition, we are seeking that you identify what committees you want to participate on.
Your participation in providing feedback with our Strategic plan was invaluable.  We are continuing our two-way communication by seeking your input.
After attending the June 15th membership meeting, please fill in the Committee Selection document and submit it back to our Membership Chair, Carol Lipsett, by June 25th.
The ZOOM link will be sent to you in a separate email.
Help us to maximize your Rotary Club experience so that you feel vested and excited about your contribution of time and energy.
Club meetings scheduled
June 15- noon- Gary Hatton and Carol Lipsett- Your Club Membership
June 22- noon- Club Assembly meeting- Approval of Club Budget for 2021-2022 and the Three-year Strategic Plan (documents to follow).
June 29 - 6pm- Guess who’s coming for dinner?
Invite your partner and join in Fellowship and dinner, meeting at selected member's backyards.
Please sign up no later than June 22, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. - PLEASE CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.  Organizers will choose the groups via a lottery process and will inform you of your meeting location.  This should give members with special diets time to inform their hosts.  In support of local restaurants, the meal will be ordered and the costs split among the group and paid to the host at the meeting.  Members will provide their own beverages or make arrangements with the group.
July 6- 6pm- Club Social Celebration- Board Induction- dinner
ANNUAL Club Dues- It’s that time of year again!
Rotarian Steve has now sent out the request for submission of Annual Rotary Dues. We request your assistance to pay prior to June 30th as the club transfers payment to Rotary International and the District on July 1st.  Thank you everyone!!
CANADA DAY!!!- July 1st- VOLUNTEER PLEASE! (20-30 needed)
Rotary Pop-up BBQ catered by our own Anne Dickson -PIGOUT BBQ
Time- 11:30 AM until 2:30 PM meaning 2 shifts, the first 10:30 to 1PM and the second from 1PM to 3:30 PM. 
Location-The United Mennonite Church on Hwy 55
Contact Gary Hatton-
Rotary Great Lakes Watershed Clean up- we have received a Pop Up invitation to enjoy fellowship with some District 7090 Rotary Clubs and Rotaract clubs on June 19 and June 26.
Contact Jeannie Manning by June 15th-
(NOTE- we still plan to hold a Club Clean up event in NOTL- date TBD)
The Community Breakfast Program- Cereal Donations- needed
Contact Jeannie Manning to donate-
June 16th- International Services Committee meeting at 7pm
Contact Ben Buholtz at:
June 21st- Club Board meeting at 6pm
June 26th- District and Club Celebration- Register here:
1st Annual Golf Fundraiser to be held at Thundering Waters GC.
AUGUST 24TH- Calling all Golfers and Friends.
Organize a foursome and plan to join in.
Funds raised at this event will support our work for our Club Service teams. Contact- Howard Kudlats   
Websites to Remember
RI Website:
District 7090 Website:
Your Clubwebsite: 
We Blasted Off to Mars at the June 8th 7 pm meeting.
President Ken opened the meeting with a toast to the Queen, Canada and Rotary, and then led members in reciting the ‘Four-Way Test’.
Today’s Speaker:
Tim Haltigin:
Vlad Haltigin introduced the meeting’s guest speaker, his son, Tim Haltigin.
Tim Haltigin is the Senior Mission Scientist in Planetary Exploration at the Canadian Space Agency, where he helps lead Canada’s efforts in exploring the solar system. He received his PhD from McGill University, where his research revealed similarities in the evolution of ice-rich terrains on Earth and Mars. He was previously in the running to become Canada’s next astronaut, has worked on a variety of robotic missions throughout the solar system, and has an asteroid named after him (130066 timhaltigin). Tim is currently helping lead the development of the international science program for the Mars Sample Return campaign, a decade-long effort that started with the Perseverance rover landing.
Tim gave an excellent presentation entitled ‘Rocks and Minerals: The oldest storytellers’.  Tim started the presentation by explaining that rocks are like time capsules, as they preserve bits of ancient air and can only be formed under certain conditions.  They are a key tool in the fields of astrobiology (is there life anywhere other than earth), and planetary science (how do planets form and change over time).
Tim then ‘launched’ (sorry, I couldn’t resist) into explaining the current mission to Mars, the objective of which is to bring rock samples from Mars back to Earth.  The rocket left earth in July 2020 and landed on Mars in Feb 2021.  This is an amazing feat as the rocket was travelling at 20,000 km/hr and had to decelerate to only a few km/hr in just 7 min (known as the ‘7 minutes of terror’) to land safely in Jezero Crater.  Scientists targeted a ‘delta’, as they are historically rich in life given the layers of sediment in them. 
The ‘Perseverance’ rover is packed with high tech equipment (e.g. supercam, rimfax, mastcam.2, MEDA, moxie, FIXL) to measure the light coming off of the rocks up to 10 meters away to determine the rocks’ composition.  Rock samples will be collected, put into a series of rockets, and then sent back to Earth.  Tim mentioned the rocks will be both analyzed, and also stored for future analysis as technology continues to improve.  For example, scientists are still making new discoveries on the rocks brought back from the moon in the 1970’s.  The samples from Mars will hopefully tell us more about the history of the solar system and help us to further understand Earth.
Tim explained that Mars is very desolate, dry, rocky and constantly being bombarded by radiation.  However, the planet used to be quite wet.  The atmosphere is only 1% as thick as Earth’s atmosphere. However, beneath the surface, water can be found.
At the end of his presentation, Tim answered a number of questions from club members including: is the rocket reusable (“no”), is terraforming possible on Mars (“yes, but only for short stays”), how far into the solar system can we go (“we are limited by the technology of how long it takes to travel in space … e.g. it takes 7+ months to get to Mars with current technology. Engineers are looking at in-space refueling”), how deep is the ice under the surface (“depends on where”), and has Elon Musk’s commercialization of space travel affected the space program (“yes, commercial companies have changed the game for the better.  Commercial companies take a lot more risk that the government approach.”)  Jody asked the final question of “How has the Mars mission changed your perspective of Earth?”  Tim replied that he now "looks at Earth as an integrated system, and how we are all inter-connected."
President Ken thanked Tim for his fascinating presentation on the mission to Mars, and for answering members’ questions.
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