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Welcome to another issue of our weekly bulletin! Find out who our upcoming speakers are, what we covered during the last weekly meeting, and upcoming events and announcements.
The Remarkable History of the Avondale Dairy Bar
May 03, 2022 - Noon
The Remarkable History of the Avondale Dairy Bar
Ray Sheehen, known as the "Ice Cream Guy", is the proprietor of the beloved Avondale Dairy Bar located in our Community at 461 Stewart Road.  This ice cream institution has been operating in the same location since 1955 and Ray will be regaling us with stories about its memorable history. 
Join us at Spirit in Niagara Distillery at 468 Lakeshore Road in NOTL at noon on Tuesday May 3, 2022.  Please pre-register for this in-person meeting by the Sunday night at midnight prior to the meeting. You can register through our Club Calendar at:
Meal cost is $20.00 per person. (Contact is Steve Hinchcliffe)
* All attendees are asked to complete an online COVID screen.
(This can be done on your mobile phone or on the meeting date. The results can be downloaded in a Pdf or printed)
* Please only attend in person if you are asymptomatic and healthy and wear a mask.
A Zoom option is available and a link will be provided before the meeting. 
Meeting begins at 12 noon.
See you there.
Dates to Remember
May 3 - Noon- The Remarkable History of the Avondale Dairy Bar -  Ray Sheehen, the Ice Cream Guy and Proprietor
May 10 - 6 pm - Interesting Architectural Treasures in NOTL - Brian Marshall
May 17 - Noon Club Assembly - Club President Patricia Murenbeeld
May 24 - Noon - Colourful History of the Welland Canal - Adrian Perry
Motions to be Addressed by the Club Membership at the May 3, 2022 meeting:
#1- MOTION- To Fund ReachOut Niagara Family Services in the amount of $5,000 Can for their ongoing Mental Health programs.
#2 MOTION- To fund in the amount of $6,500 Can, the rebuilding of a bridge as outlined in the list of needs by Red Roof Retreat and to provide “Hands On” volunteers to assist in any projects requiring man/woman power.
#3 MOTION- To accept as presented, the financial statements for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2021, for both the Rotary Club of Niagara-on-the-Lake and the Rotary Club of Niagara-on-the-Lake Foundation.
#4 MOTION- To pay the invoices from the Accounting Firm  Bridgman and Durksen in the amounts as follows:
Club invoice – $3,000 plus GST of $390 for a total of $3,390 Can
Foundation invoice – $4,500 plus GST of $585 for a total of $5,085 Can
Please make every effort to participate in this meeting, so that we can have a quorum for the Club Motion voting.
Volunteers are needed for the following: 
* Ben Buholtz and Jodey Porter - Rotary Club Support 
As most Members are aware, Ben is in hospital after his recent stroke.  We will start a Meal Train once things are a little more stable with Jodey at home.  The Meal Train, for those wondering, or who have forgotten what it is, is a Scheduling App that allows for food donations to a donee in a scheduled and efficient manner. Each person who registers picks a date will see what Jodey likes or dislikes and what she cannot have (Gluten), and will create a meal to be delivered to Jodey at her home in NOTL.  We will also be putting transport availability on the calendar so that if she needs a ride to or from the hospital, you can volunteer for a time slot or trip. 
If you want to see an example of Meal Train in action click on this link and scroll back to February 2021 and get an idea of what we can do for Jodey and her caregiver.  
Jeannie is the Conductor of the Meal Train and will set up the process for Jodey in the next couple of days.  If you want to get a head start, think of a Gluten Free Supper for 2.  When the train leaves the station you will be able to select a day and bring your dish to Jodey.  Many hands make for light work and diversity in the menu!
* The Icewine Cocktail Party Committee  is looking for Committee members to help with the logistics, sponsorship, ticket sales, and general planning for the September 17 event.  Please contact Chris Hatch for more information.
* Giant Garage Sale - May 14 and 15
Two weeks to go!  Yes, our Garage Sale on May 14 and 15 is fast approaching.
Thanks very much to all the Members who have come out and helped to handle donations and sort items, and to those who recently volunteered tents – we should have plenty of tents for sale day.
We now have another outside storage unit on site. I would really appreciate if you could come out Monday, May 2 or Tuesday, May  3 after our meeting to move items from the church to the storage unit.  Please find an hour or two to help us out.
In addition, today I am sending out a schedule to you all to sign up to work on the days of the sale - May 14 and 15.  We will do two 4 hour shifts and will need ten to twelve people per shift. Please sign up if you can and help us out on this as well. 
Carol Lipsett
* NOTL Rotary Club Wheel - May and June 2022
Now that we are back to in-person Club meetings, we require your assistance to volunteer to perform the following duties in conducting our Club in person meetings.
To volunteer for the Club Wheel as Greeter/Health Check, 50/50 Cashier or Sergeant at Arms for either the month of May or June 2022, please contact Steve Hinchliffe to volunteer your service to fulfill one of these important roles.  
* July 1- Canada Day Please contact Gary Hatton for further information.
* July 30- Canada Games Torch relay - 20 volunteers are required to assist at the torch relay stations on route in NOTL.  Start at 8 am and Finish at 11 am. Duties will include the following:
  • Processing the Torchbearer check-ins/registrations at the opening pep rally.
  • Supervising the torch handoffs at each location. This would include taking in the first torchbearer and sending off the next. 
  • Supervising the individuals who have purchased the Rotary T-Shirt at each handoff location and sending them off at the correct time.
  • Helping to set up and tear down the opening pep rally and closing celebration.
If you would like to Volunteer to help with the Torchbearer duties outlined above and get a free Rotary Volunteer T-Shirt and assist in a great event in our Community, please contact Greg Fedoryn President-Elect directly at
There will be a full onboarding session for all volunteers in the month of May. 
Here is the link to the Canada Games Torch Relay. 
* September 10 - Niagara Polo event
* September 17 - Icewine event
Dates to Remember
* ClubRunner Changeover Training Schedule - Starting May 5, 2022
Join us for these in-depth webinars starting on May 5th and continuing until May 21st 2022. New this year, we’re offering both beginner and advanced level webinars for certain modules. These training sessions are open to all ClubRunner users at no cost.
Hosted by our expert Product Specialists, we will be presenting webinars based on roles, club or district versions, and in-depth module deep dives. There will even be live Q&A available during and after the webinar!
Registration Details
Click below to view our schedule and to register for individual sessions, or visit  Can't attend live? Not to worry, all sessions will be recorded and shared on our Community site after the series is complete.
* D7090 Club Training Assembly 2022 - Saturday May 7, 2022, 8:15 am – 12 Noon
Join Rotarians/Rotaractors from across the District ON-LINE for D7090 Club Training Assembly 2022
D7090 Club Training Assembly 2022
NEWS Flash
ON-LINE Registration Now Open for May 7, 2022!!!
Click Here to reserve your place
If you are a Board Member, a Committee Chair, or Rotarian/Rotaractor at large interested in the nuts and bolts of Rotary Club operations and Committees, this morning is for you. Sixteen NEW and UPDATED Sessions on everything from On-Line Fundraising or Obtaining Club Grants to Running Hybrid MeetingsYouth ActivitiesService Project IdeasIntegrating DiversityAttracting and Retaining Members and much more, each carefully developed to provide:
  • NEW Programs on the exciting “Rotary Means Business” Fellowship; Creating and Implementing Strategic PlansDiversity, Equity & Inclusion; etc.
  • Practical Examples and Innovative Operations tips from other Clubs
  • Valuable Insights and Actionable Ideas on what works
  • Where to find great Resources and sources of information
  • Takeaways you can apply in your Club tomorrow
  • Q&A Sessions with Rotarians “who have been there and done that”
  • New Ways to get involved personally 
* Discover New Horizons in Houston - June 4 - 8, 2022
There is no experience quite like attending a Rotary International Convention. It’s an opportunity for members to connect personally with people from around the world, celebrate our service, and work together to find solutions for the world’s most pressing challenges. 

The 2022 Rotary International Convention will be held in Houston, Texas, USA. Those who can’t make the trip in early June can still experience the convention virtually with links to be provided in future.
* A special thank you to all of you who helped out at the Great Lakes Cleanup event on Saturday, April 23, 2022
E-Transfer Accounts for NOTL Rotary Club
Please note that e-transfers can now be accepted to the Club account. If you are making an on-line payment to either the registered charity or the club account, please let the Treasurer know: The e-transfer accounts are: 
Club side - - please use this for all non-charity transactions (i.e. membership dues, in-person meal purchases, ticket purchases - Paul Harris dinner, Burgers and Bingo, Niagara Power Station etc.)
Charity side - - please use this for all charity transactions (i.e. donations, fundraising ticket purchases etc.) 
Websites to Remember
Annual Niagara Rotary Clubs’ Joint Luncheon with Kristen Kit as Guest Speaker - Olympics Games Experiences
April 26 Meeting
Annual Niagara Rotary Clubs Joint Luncheon
The Annual Niagara Rotary Clubs Joint Luncheon is an event not to be missed. For those who were not able to make it last Tuesday, you are encouraged to attend next year. We are one of thirteen Rotary clubs in the Niagara area. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow Rotarians working to support our local community.
After a delicious lunch, our local hero Kristen Kit treated us to an inspiring address. Kristen attended Sir Winston Churchill High School in St Catharines where she was introduced to rowing. Kristen noted that she grew up in a relatively average middle class family and attributed a great deal of her success to the support that she received from the St Catharines community. Never would she have dreamed that she would ultimately be an Olympic and Para Olympic medal winner, performing as the steering and driving force as the rowing coxswain.
Proudly we were also updated that the Niagara Rotary Clubs have been front and centre in promoting, supporting and organizing the upcoming Canada Summer games. For those of you looking for a once in a lifetime volunteer opportunity, you are encouraged to join the team. All thirteen Rotary Clubs are working together to promote Rotary through the local torch runs as well as staffing the event/beer tent throughout the games. Rotary will be front and centre to visitors and locals, plus we will have a great fundraising opportunity working together with the other local clubs. Greg Fedoryn is our club lead, if you are interested in getting involved. Our local torch run is scheduled for July 30th.  The games take place August 6-21st. There is further information above in this bulletin about opportunities to volunteer to assist at the torch run.
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