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Welcome to another issue of our weekly bulletin! Find out who our upcoming speakers are, what we covered during the last weekly meeting, and upcoming events and announcements.
Welcome to our New Rotary Year
Tuesday July 20th at 12:00 noon
Join us July 20,2021 for our IN PERSON noon meeting at the Lions Club Pavilion, 1462 York Road, Niagara On the Lake.
Feel free to bring your lawn chair and a picnic lunch. (Club COVID protocol respect please- see email July 13th for the outline).
A ZOOM link for this meeting will also be sent so that all can be included. (Please have patience as we try to adapt to this hybrid meeting format ... this is why we are seeking technical support people.)
The Rotary International Theme for 2021-2022 is: Serving to change lives.
This club can be proud of the incredible accomplishments it has made, in contributing to service projects that have changed lives despite the pandemic.
President Patricia will introduce herself and also reflect on our club goals and where we want to go. 
As a team, we hope to enhance member engagement so that members feel vested and find their individual passion.
We want you to feel excited about your contribution of time and energy to Rotary.
WE are a Team, Serving to change lives!
Club Meetings Scheduled
July 19 - 9:30am Foundation Committee meeting, 
July 19 - 6pm- Board of Directors meeting in person at Rangers Retreat
July 20 - noon- Club Assembly Goals for 2021-2022- at the Lions Pavilion- St Davids
July 22 - 11:00am - Public Image Committee meeting Jolanta Janny,
The Public Image Committee is currently seeking stories written by members to include in the club newsletter.
All members are also encouraged to participate actively on the club Facebook page.
July 27 - noon- NOTL Fire Chief- Nick Ruller
August 3 - noon-Sarah Kaufman Niagara Museum Managing Director- at the Lions Pavilion- St Davids
August 10 - 7pm- Justice Rochelle Irvi- What it takes to become a Canadian Citizen– location TBD and announced in future
August 16 - 6pm- Board of Directors Meeting- location TBD and announced in future
August 17 –noon Club Assembly– location TBD and announced in future
On Friday July 16th the Rotary Club 'painting elves' showed their creativity and talent by helping to paint the offices of Reach Out Niagara, one of the local mental health providers that we support.  We encourage members to keep an ear out for hands on service projects.  This was a great opportunity to members who enjoy this sort of contribution. Thank you to our 'Painting elves' for their Community Service!
STILL SEEKING - All members are asked to fill in and submit the Committee Participation request form.
Contact Carol Lipsett at
BLOOD DONATIONS- This is a project that you can do whenever it works for you. If it doesn’t work for you, you can encourage someone who can give blood to do so.
Canadian Blood Services is calling for an additional 23,000 blood donors across Canada by July 31st to replenish the blood inventory following sustained rise in demand as COVID-19 restrictions ease.
Call a friend or neighbour and invite them to also donate. Take photos and post them on our Social media Facebook page.
Book a date to donate blood by clicking here
1st Annual Golf Fundraiser to be held at Thundering Waters GC.
AUGUST 24TH- for further details click here.
Funds raised at this event will support our work for our Club Service teams. Contact- Howard Kudlats   
October 2 - SAVE THE DATE- Pedal for POLIO event. More details to follow. Contact Bill French
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July 13 Meeting: Setting the Stage at the Shaw Festival
Tuesday July 13, 2021
Alan Walker introduced our guest speaker, Mr. Lesslie Tunmar, who is Head of Scenic Construction at the Shaw Festival.
Lesslie explained how some of the intricate sets are built for plays at the Shaw Festival.  He noted his role is to move designers’ ideas into reality.  Lesslie walked members through several slides that showed the workings of various sets beneath the stage.  Complicated hydraulics, pneumatics, wheels (and even basic string!) are all used beneath the floor to make the elaborate, moving sets.  Making the pieces for the sets are often made of laser cut steel, with supporting larger steel girders.  Elevators and even secret tunnels are sometimes under the floor that work via movable beams.  An example of a recently difficult set to build included the construction of a tree that comes to life with live arms and roots, and that can also move across a floor.  Lesslie highlighted he is constantly bringing actors to the set shop to test out the new equipment. 
In the past, most scenery was thrown out after a set of performances was completed.  However, the current trend is to house the scenery, such that the Shaw now has 2 warehouses plus at least 7 tractor trailers full of old scenery. 
In summary, Lesslie shared his enthusiasm by saying that he likes being able to “play in his own sandpit, and design his own sets”.
President Patricia thanked for Lesslie for providing the interesting insight into the workings of the Shaw Festival’s marvellous sets.
The meeting concluded with President Patricia offering an inspiring thought for the week: “We cannot help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”
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