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Niagara on the Lake

Over the past decade, Between the Lines Winery has perfected their winemaking process through experimenting with various techniques and exploring inventive winemaking methods pioneered by master winemaker Yannick Wertsch. The result is a distinguished portfolio of wines that possess a precise flavour which appeals to both new wine drinkers and to the most seasoned palates.

Revel Realty Inc. is a modern, full-service, tech savvy real estate brokerage representing clients in a broad spectrum of classes. Andrew Perrie’s two core principles by which he operates his business are honesty and communication.  “People want someone who will be in consistent contact. Whether it's good news or bad, they want and NEED to be informed every step of the way.” Says Andrew.

No One Goes Hungry Niagara is a program that delivers meals across Niagara from Fort Erie to Grimsby, six nights a week. “One of the things that really struck me, says Carey, “is that it wasn’t just homeless people coming out. It was families and kids, and a lot of seniors because Meals-on-Wheels and their own pensions just aren’t cutting it anymore in the Niagara Region”, said founder, Carey Benvenuti