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Local Service Committee

The mandate of the Local Service Committee is to use our members’ talents and professional skills to identify, plan, and carry out service projects within our community. Through funding and volunteering that improves the quality of life for those in our community, we serve the public interest.

Our focus in 2021-22 is feeding the hungry, mental health, youth at risk, violence against children and youth.

Below you can find nonprofit organizations we are supporting this year.

Feeding the Children

The Education Foundation of Niagara (EFN) supports students within the District School Board of Niagara by engaging the community to provide needed funds and resources where government funding is not available.  

Through donations, the EFN

• provides support to students in financial need for basic necessities and extra-curricular activities 

• provides annual student awards and bursaries 

 Niagara Nutrition Partners (NNP) is a Region-wide initiative providing coordinated nutrition programs in elementary and secondary schools, as well as community based programs. NNP is able to offer support for nutritional programs through provincial grants and local fundraising efforts. 

Food4Kids Niagara provides packages of healthy food for kids with limited or no access to food during weekends. Packages containing a variety of healthy foods are prepared off-site by volunteers and delivered to schools each Friday, to ensure children have nourishment over the weekend. Each food package contains kid friendly, non-perishable, and easy-to-prepare meals with maximum nutrient value. For many children, hunger is not an occasional missed meal... it is a way of life. Children are often helpless in controlling the food supply in their homes. Food4Kids Niagara ensures children who are lacking food are provided with nourishment vital to their physical, emotional, cognitive, social and academic success. 


Feeding the Hungry

Niagara Falls Community Outreach is a volunteer-based charitable organization, with volunteers of all ages, ranging from Grade 7 students to seniors. In a one-year period, over 42,000 nutritious meals are served at an average cost of $3.50 per serving.  Every sponsorship dollar counts, and is used wisely to help keep these community services operational.

No One Goes Hungry Niagara is a program that delivers meals across Niagara from Fort Erie to Grimsby, six nights a week. “One of the things that really struck me, says Carey, “is that it wasn’t just homeless people coming out. It was families and kids, and a lot of seniors because Meals-on-Wheels and their own pensions just aren’t cutting it anymore in the Niagara Region”, said founder, Carey Benvenuti.

Supporting Local Community - Mental Health, Youth at Risk, Violence Against Children and Youth.

The RAFT- Niagara Resource Service for Youth- contributes to the welfare of our community by helping at-risk youth, families, and neighbourhoods to become independent and self-sufficient.  Services are based on the principles of Empowerment, Quality of Life, Dignity and Respect.

The John Howard Society of Niagara (JHSoN) is a non-profit organization committed to the development and delivery of programs that reduce the social, economic and personal costs of crime. The Society is dedicated to helping all people who have been in conflict with the law, or who face imminent risk of coming into conflict with the law, through service, education and community programs.

Kristen French CACN is a registered charitable organization that serves Niagara’s 12 municipalities helping children and families cope with the life-altering impacts of child abuse.  The Centre provides a safe place to help, heal and end child abuse for Niagara’s children and youth who have experienced alleged physical abuse, sexual abuse, have become the targets of internet luring, or were the unwilling witnesses of violence.

Reach Out Niagara Family Support Services is a mental wellness space for all ages. We aim to provide education regarding attachment, trauma, addictions, and mental health, as well as opportunities of empowerment to those afflicted, and to their support givers, families, friends. We are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, and are funded in these times solely by the philanthropy or sponsorship from small and large businesses, philanthropists, and especially via grass roots efforts by special people in our communities like you. 

The MS Society of Canada brings us closer to a world free of MS, which provides information, support and advocacy to people affected by MS, and funds research to find the causes and cure for the disease.