6-9 pm  | Ravine Vineyard, St. Davids


2021 President's Message & Greetings

Tonight, we honour five worthy recipients: three members of our com- munity and two members from within our Club, all of whom have dedicated their time and energy, to go above and beyond, which exemplifies Rotary's Motto of Service above Self.

I, like many, am proud to live in a community with such caring individ- uals. It is easy to make ourselves the focus in our own lives, but a true Paul Harris Fellow also puts unmeasured time and energy into making others the focus, by helping a group or individual, or by giving back to their community.

It's not always financial, or a grand gesture that is needed to make a difference, though it certainly helps to elevate one’s morale that is ultimately the gold mine that can transpire into endless possibilities.

Tonight, we share stories and experiences that will undoubtedly warm our hearts. When mixed with friendship and laughter, I believe, we have the makings of a truly wonderful evening.

So let's celebrate each of our five very special recipients here tonight, all of whom are leaving their footprint and helping to make our world a better place!

Patricia Murenbeeld, President, 2021