New Generations

The Rotary Club of Niagara on the Lake takes great pride in offering Rotary Youth Programming opportunities to the youth in our community.

Rotary believes in developing the next generation of leaders. Our programs help younger leaders build leadership skills, expand education, and learn the value of service.


Rotary Youth Leadership Award program

RYLA participants will equip themselves for success in their academic, career, and personal lives by expanding their knowledge of their leadership potential and enhancing their skills in the areas of creative thinking, communication, problem solving, conflict resolution, interpersonal relationships, and group dynamics.  They will also gain a greater understanding of Rotary and experience first hand the meaning of "Service Above Self".

Candidates must be 19 to 25 (inclusive) years of age.

The program is scheduled for mid-June. Valid passport is required.

Registration by mid-March yearly.

Interact is a service club for youth ages 12 to 18 who want to connect with other young people and have fun while serving their communities and learning about the world. Clubs are required to meet at least twice a month. Interact clubs organize two projects every year, one that helps their school or community and one that promotes international understanding. 
 In February 2021, The Interact Club of Niagara On the Lake was officially recognized. It is a Community based club associated with the Town of Niagara On the Lake, Lord Mayor's Youth Advisory Council. If you are interested in joining or obtaining further information about Interact please contact Lauren Kruitbosch at
The Interact website is located on
Rotary Youth Exchange Program

The Rotary Youth Exchange Program provides opportunities for students to foster world peace, international understanding, and goodwill by extending international communication at the personal level. It is our hope that these young people will be able to experience first hand, the problems and accomplishments of another country by living with and meeting people of cultures, creeds and colours other than their own.

Any student, between ages 15 -18.

Preliminary Application submitted by early November.

Youth Exchange Host Families

Host families are a vital part of the cultural exchange, offering the student a view of another country and in turn you have the opportunity to learn about a new culture from a young leader. Hosting is a tremendous experience in which you can share in a young person’s hopes and dreams and develop a lifelong connection with a student and family from another country. It can be challenging to help a young person transition to a new culture, and to ease into the surroundings, but the rewards are immeasurable.

Submissions of Interest are welcome all year.

Adventures in Citizenship Program

The Rotary Adventure in Citizenship Program is intended to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of citizenship in Canada.  It poses questions to the participants concerning the ethical and moral dimensions of citizenship in a rapidly changing world.  It challenges participants to consider how a country as large and diverse as Canada can foster amongst its citizens a sense not only of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship but also commitment to the values we hold as Canadians.

The program is scheduled for late April or early May.

Registration by mid-March yearly.


Student Leadership Award Program for Students High on Learning

SLAPSHOT is a fully funded weekend in Canterbury Hills.The program is intended to leave students feeling more confident in themselves and prepared to strengthen their involvement with initiatives that they believe will make a difference in their local community. Ideal candidates are 15-18 years old who demonstrate maturity, enthusiasm, and interest in making a positive difference in their school community.

The program is scheduled for late April or early May.

Registration by mid-March yearly.